Beacon AV-822TC

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Beacon AV-822TC


HDMI CAT6 Daisy-Chain Repeater



The AV-822TC is a HDMI CAT6 Daisy-Chain Repeater. It is designed with 2 RJ-45 Daisy-Chain connectors. The first RJ-45 can be rolled as Receiver that receives HDMI signals from the previous Transmitter (AV-822T or AV-842 or AV-822TC). The second RJ-45 acted as a HDMI Transmitter to the next Receiver (AV-822TC or AV-811R or PA-45H). By this Daisy-Chain topology, it is possible to extend HDMI or DVI-D signals up to 8 displays and 250 meters long from the source. This is the most cost effective and easy installation solution for the Full HD Digital Signage application. When used with the AV-822T or AV-842, it can support all HDMI equipments with HDCP compatibility in single CAT6 mode, such as DVD players, Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), satellite set-top boxes and all HDMI displays.


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Ordering Information :
AV-822T CAT6 HDMI Transmitter
AV-822TC CAT6 HDMI Repeater (Daisy Chainable)
AV-811R CAT6 HDMI Receiver


PDF beskrivelse Beacon AV-822TC Datasheet (381.0 kB)

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